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Say goodbye to your foot pain!
Pain in arches / heels / ball of your feet while walking, running or spending extended periods of time on your feet? At PRS we provide our clients with a complete and comprehensive assessment / bio-mechanical analysis for own custom orthotics with the choice of occupational or athletic style… Your feet can thank us later!


Get the Support you Need!
Looking to remain healthy and injury free during life's endevours while getting some additional support? Choose from our bracing collection including Recreational, Occupational and Athletic lines! Don't let pain stop you from living, let PRS help so you can pursue the things you enjoy the most in life!

Compression Stocking / Sock Fitting:

Get a kick out of your day, every day!
PRS Centre now offers an effective solution to: prevent or treat leg swelling, fatigue and aching, improve athletic recovery / performance.
Whether for occupational, athletic or everyday purpose a unique experience of professional fitting for stylish compression socks will in fact treat your leg related issues. With our extensive selection of brands surely there is a fit for all ages. Explore the collection!
Medical / Prevention:
Wearing compression socks can help with medical conditions such as minimizing the onset and development of varicose veins or chronic venous insufficiency. This occurs as the human body's natural reaction when the leg veins are unable to properly pump blood back to the heart. Compression socks can also be used to help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT), the formation of blood clots in a veinous system as well as spider veins.
Compression socks are now widely used and medically proven to be effective at reducing the onset of leg fatigue and lactic acid build up for athletes during post work out periods. They are widely used by many of today's Marathon and Tri –Athletes.
Support socks provide comfort for aching, tired legs while applying gentle pressure to soothe and massage the legs, improving circulation and reducing discomfort.