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About Us

PRS has a long and proud history of providing quality orthopedic products combined with paramount service to our clients from all walks of life, whether you are a working professional, recreational or pro-athlete, parent, teacher or student. If you simply want to live a healthy and pain free life PRS has the know how, expertise and friendly personnel to see you through any ailment or injury prevention.

PRS is Toronto's trendiest boutique style clinic, specializing in servicing and supplying orthopedic and compression products covered under the extended health benefit plans. At PRS we hold the belief that injury prevention is the most overlooked element in maintaining a healthy and working body, and our mission is to maintain and aid in a pain free life for each and every client that walks through our door. In addition, we have recently introduced our new non-invasive Wellness line with added health benefits so our clients can make everyday living more enjoyable while achieving their personal best every day.

PRS's mission and dedication is in providing the highest levels of professional service to each and very client visit while maintaining and embracing wellness and a healthy lifestyle model. PRS is a proud service provider for many of Toronto's airline and health care professionals, police and fire fighters, union and city workers, athletes as well as private sector employees looking to lead a healthy life. From innovative and stylish custom orthotics, bracing and compression socks to therapeutic and wellness products, PRS strives in achieving excellence while providing each one of our clients with the tools and knowledge they need to live a quality life they deserve. Best of all at PRS you will be given a unique gift of the PRS experience each time you pay us a visit while learning to always maintain our philosophy: ONE BODY. ONE LIFE. MAKE IT COUNT! So stop the wait and visit us for the experience unlike any other and make a new friend that cares about your well being!

Did you know?

Under your Employee Benefit Plan you are entitled to:
Trendy Custom Orthotics, Compressions Socks AND Bracing including Back, Knee, Ankle, and Wrist.


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Main Centre:
Bloor Yonge Centre
2 Bloor St., West
7th Floor, Suite 700.
Toronto, ON. M4W 3R1

    (416) 642.4936


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At PRS Centre we respect and protect the privacy while maintaining all of our clients' personal information and medical records in strict confidentiality.


Q. Are orthotics and custom bracing products covered under my extended health benefit plan?
A. Yes. The above items are covered under most extended health benefit plans which means there is no out of pocket expense to our clients in the end.

Q. Are compression socks also covered under my extended health benefit plan?
A. Most public and private sector plans do cover compression garments however they all differ in terms of the individual coverage. To ensure your coverage we will provide you with an estimate which after sending in you will be issued an approval from your insurance. We can then move forward and provide you with proper fitting and selections of our most trusted brands.

Q. Do I require a prescription from my doctor in order to access the items through my benefit plan?
A. Yes. The orthotics, bracing and compressions garment products supplied by PRS and covered under your benefit plan are 100% by prescription ONLY. In addition, PRS centre will supply you with a trial brace / compression socks as well as the initial consultation and recommendation form necessary to get authorization by your family or walk in clinic physician.

Q. Will last year's prescription or a photocopy of the prescription original suffice?
A. To ensure 100% approval, an original copy dated in the last twelve (12) months is what we at PRS always recommend to all of our clients in order to avoid denials from your benefits provider.

Q. What is the next step after I have gathered the prescriptions?
A. Contact our lovely PRS staff and we will gladly book your appointment for fitting, product selection and administrative claim assistance. Keep in mind that initial consultation is free of charge as it is our pleasure to assist you with your health needs.

Q. How can I be certain that the above items are covered under my benefit plan?
A. At PRS we understand that the plan coverage will differ depending on the type of plan you have( ie. Public, private, type of insurance, etc.). This is why we will provide you with a FREE estimate for the desired medical product for you to submit to your benefits provider and ensure your coverage. After you have received the approval from your insurance we will then move forward to the next step of the process and schedule your fitting and product selection appointments.

Q. Is my spouse / family members eligible for the orthotics, bracing or compression products under my plan? A. As long as they are covered under the same plan the coverage extends to your spouse / family members, absolutely. In addition, at PRS Centre we accept co-ordinated benefit plans and have family and group offers so please let us know so we can reward you.

Q. How often am I eligible to get new orthotics, bracing and compression products under my plan? A. Each benefit plan is different and hence why we recommend that you consult with your benefit provider each calendar year before deciding on your purchase. Our highly trained staff will also assist you with reviewing the coverage details in your benefits booklet as well as send you yearly updates and reminders.

Q. How do I know what paperwork to send to my benefit provider after my purchase?
A. Our PRS staff will assist you with the administration process and help you with your claim submission. All of this is a courtesy to our clients and is free of charge.

Q. What happens if my orthotics, brace, compression socks no longer fits properly down the road?
A. If you find that your orthotics, brace, compression socks do not fit the way they used to, (often due to factors like weight fluctuation , etc) at PRS you will be provided a refitting free of charge five (5) years from the time of your initial medical device fitting. So if the brace / compression socks no longer fits the way you like it, schedule an appointment with PRS and we will gladly provide you with a refitting.